A new page, and simply to pique your curiosity and further your own studies through reading.

Not all are gems; some are of very poor quality in my opinion but it's up to you to make your own asssessment.

Some of these are very rare and highly obscure, some very challenging to read either through the use of archaic and highly verbose language, or through the need for the reader to have an existing knowledge of Yogic and/or Sanskrit terminology.

Keith's  Yoga Reading List



    Author                                                                     Title


Ananda, Sri                                         The Complete Book of Yoga 


Ashley-Farrand, Thomas                    Healing Mantras                                                         


Atreya                                                 Prana: secret of Yogic Healing                                  


Avalon, Arthur                                     The Serpent Power


Bailley, Constantina                            Meditations on Shiva                         


Baker, Douglas                                   The Opening of the Third Eye                                   


Balaskas, Janet                                  Preparing for Birth with Yoga                                    


Baptiste, Baron                                   Journey Into Power                                                   


Barnard, Theos                                   Hatha Yoga                                                                


Bhajan, Yogi                                        The Power of the Spoken Word


Bihar School of Yoga                          Mula Bandha: The Master Key                                  


Bihar School of Yoga                          Taming the Kundalini

Bihar School of Yoga                             Yoga and Tantra



Birch, Beryl Bender                            Power Yoga                                                               


Birch, Beryl Bender                            Beyond Power Yoga                                      


Brena, SF                                            Yoga and Medicine                                                    


Broad, William J                                  The Science of Yoga                                                 


Brunton, Dr. Paul                                The Secret Beyond Yoga                                          


Brunton, Dr. Paul                                Wisdom of the Overself                                             


Brunton, Dr. Paul                                The Inner Reality


Choudhury, Bikram                            Bikram’s beginning Yoga Class                                 


Cabat-Zinn, Jon                                  Total Catastrophe Living                                            


Carrico, Mara                                      Fitness Yoga                                                              


 Chatlani, Mohini                                  Yogaflows                                                                  


Chopra, Deepak                                 Quantum Healing                                                       


Christensen, Alice                               Yoga of the Heart                              


Coster, Geraldine                                Yoga & Western Psychology                                     


Coulter, H David                                 Anatomy of Hatha Yoga                                            


Crowley, Aleister                                 Eight Lectures on Yoga                                             


Dass, Baba Hari                                  Ashtanga Yoga Primer          


Dass, Ram                                          Journey of Awakening                                               


Debroy, Depavali                                The Shiva Purana                                                      


Desikichar, TKV                                  The Heart of Yoga                                                     


Desikichar, TKV                                  Health, Healing and beyond                                      


Devereux, Godfrey                             Dynamic Yoga                                                                       


Devereux, Godfrey                             Hatha Yoga: Breath by Breath                                  


Devereux, Godfrey                             15 Minute Yoga                                                          


Devereux, Godfrey                             Elements of Yoga                                                      


Devi, Indra                                          Yoga for You                                                  


Dunne, Desmond                                Yoga Made easy

Eliade, Mircea                                       Yoga: Immortality and Freedom


Feuerstein, Georg                               The Deeper Dimension of Yoga                                


Feuerstein, Georg                               The Yoga Tradition                                                    


Forstater, Mark                                   The Spiritual Teachings of Yoga                               


Gass, Robert                                       Chanting                                                                     


Gnaneswarananda, Swami                Yoga for Beginners                                                    


Gopal, Ramakrishna                           Vaisnavism, Shaivism…                    


Haich, Elisabeth                                  Sexual Energy and Yoga                                           


Hewitt, James                                     The Complete book of Yoga                                     


Hittleman, Richard                              Guide to Yoga Meditation                                          


Hittleman, Richard                              Yoga; 28 Day Exercise Plan                                     


Hittleman, Richard                              Be Young with Yoga                                      


Iyengar, BKS                                      Light on Yoga                                                             


Iyengar, BKS                                      Light on Pranayama                                                  


Iyengar, BKS                                      Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali                        


Iyengar, BKS                                      The Tree Of Yoga                                                      


Iyengar, BKS                                      Yoga the Path to Holistic Health                                


Jee, Lakshman                                   Kashmir Shaivism     


Jois, Sri K Pattabi                               Yoga Mala                                                      


Kilham, Christopher S                         The Five Tibetans                                                      


Kogler, Aladar                                     Yoga for Athletes                                                       


Kraftsow, Gary                                   Yoga for Wellness                                                      


Kraftsow, Gary                                   Yoga for Transformation                                           


Krishna, Gopi                                      Kundalini: Path to Higher Consciousness                  


Krishnamacharya, T                           Yoganjalisaram


Krishnamacharya, T                           Yoga Makaranda                   


Kriyananda, J Goswami                     Kriya Yoga                 


Kumar, Vijaya                                    108 Names of Siva                                                    


Kundalini Research Institute               Sadhana Guidelines                                                   


Kundalini Research Institute               Sexuality and Spirituality                                           


Kundalini Research Institute               Health and Healing                                                    


Kundalini Research Institute               Relax and Renew                                                      


Kundalini Research Institute               Kundalini Yoga Manual


Lasater, Judith                                    Relax and renew                                                        


Lasater, Judith                                    Living your Yoga                                                        


Life, David & Sharon Gannon             Jivamukti Yoga                                                          


Life, David & Sharon Gannon             The Art of Yoga                                 


Lockhart, Maureen                             The Art of Survival: Guide to Yoga Therapy             


Manmoyananda, Yogi                         Sivananda Buried Yoga         


Mehta, Sylva                                       Yoga: The Iyengar way

Mittra, Dharma                                    Asanas: 608 Yoga Poses


Mumford, John                                   Magical Tattwas                                                         


Mohan, AG                                         Yoga for Body, Breath, and Mind    

Mohan AG & Gansh                           Yoga Yajnavalkya                          


Nagarathna, R                                    Yoga for Common Ailments              


Nath, Shambu                                     Stress Management through Yoga                            


Nathamuni, Sri                                    Yoga Rahasya                                   


Osho                                                   From Sex to Superconsciousness                            


Osho                                                   Meditation: The First and Last Freedom                    


Osho                                                   Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega                              


Osho                                                   The Orange Book                                                      


Ozaniec, Naomi                                  Chakras                                 


Pandit, MP                                          Kundalini Yoga                                               


Patanjali, Sri                                        The Yoga Sutras - 7 translations


Phillips, Kathy                                     The Spirit of Yoga                                                      


Picken, JR                                          Creator, Protector, Destroyer                                    


Ramanujan, A                                     Speaking of Siva                                                       


Ramaswami, Sivatsa                          The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga                       


Ramaswami, Sivatsa                          Yoga for the Three Stages of Life                             


Raphael, Edwin                                   Essence and Purpose of Yoga                                  


Rawlinson, Ian                                    Yoga for the West                                                      


Sabatini, Sandra                                 Breath: The Essence of Yoga                                   


Satchidananda, Swami                       Integral Yoga Hatha   


Satchidananda, Swami                       Yoga Sutras of Patanjali                    


Scaravelli, Vanda                                Awakening the Spine             


Schiffman, Erich                                 Yoga: The Theory and Practice of Moving into Stillness


Scott, John                                          Ashtanga Yoga          


Shakar, Ka Ganesh                            Holistic approach of Yoga                                         


Shandler, Nina                                    Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth           


Shapiro, Debbie                                  The Body Mind Workbook


Sharma, Pandit Shiv                           Yoga and Sex            


Shastri, Hari Prasad                            Yoga                                                                           


Singh, Ravi                                         The Warrior Workout


Singleton, Mark                                   Yoga Body                                                                 


Sivananda, Swami                              Kundalini Yoga                                                           


Sivananda Yoga Centre                     The Book of Yoga


Sivananda Yoga Centre                     The New Book of Yoga                                             


Sivananda Yoga Centre                     The Sivananada Book of Meditation                         


Sjoman, NE                                        The Yoga Tradition of the Mysore Palace                 


Sribhashyam, TK                                Emergence of Yoga                                      


Smith, Bob                                          Yoga for a New Age                                      


Stephens, Mark                                  Yoga Sequencing                                                      


Stewart, Mary                                      Yoga Over Fifty                                                         


Stirk, John L                                        Structural Fitness                                                       


Sturgess, Stephen                              The Yoga Book                                  


Subramanyam, KN                             Yoga Vasistha                                                            


Svatmarama, Swami                          The Hatha Yoga Pradipika


Swenson, David                                  Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual                       


Swenson, Doug                                  Power Yoga for Dummies                                         


Takoma, Geo                                      Idiots Guide to Power Yoga                                       


Vasu, Sris Chandra                             The Gerandha Samhita                                             


Vasu, Sris Chandra                             The Siva Samhita

Vishnudevananda, Swami                  The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga


Vivekanada, Swami                            Raja Yoga                              


Volin, Michael                                      Sex and Yoga                                                            


Vyasa                                                  The Bagavad Gita                                          


Walker, Benjamin                               Tantrism         


Watts, Allan                                         Still the Mind                                                              


Weller, Stella                                       Yoga Therapy                                                            


White, Ganga                                      Double Yoga                                                              


Wood, Ernest                                      Yoga   


Yogananda, Paramhansa                   Autobiography of a Yogi                                            


Yogananda, Paramhansa                   Whispers from Eternity                                              


Yogananda, Paramhansa                   Law of Success                                                         


Yogananda, Paramhansa                   Metaphysical Meditations      





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