Teacher Training

I offer Yoga Teacher training and certification to those Yoga students already having at least 2 years Yoga experience. This program is suitable for their further understanding of Yoga. Likewise those who are already certified Yoga teachers can use this as Continued Professional Development to move up from being 200hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) towards 500 and 1,000 hour level certification.   

I work with a panoramic overview of Yoga where we are able to access any aspect of the approaches to Yoga. This standpoint is open to other physical, philosophical & psychological disciplines.

A 200 hour course of Yoga study loosely organised around the five elements system which arranges most of Yoga into an effective way to help students get an understanding of what is often a vast and confusing ocean of contradictory information and opinions.



Breakdown of course


Due to the one-to-one and individual nature of the course and as the main format for delivery of the training to date has been demonstration, lecture and discussion I have chosen not to assign specific lengths of time to each area of study. All are interlinked and layered in delivery in the actual teaching/learning situation.

Students will cover the following:


Anatomy, physiology, Structural fitness, biomechanics, body-mind connection

Yoga History, philosophy, psychology, lifestyle, ethics

Asanas/postures, alignment in, specific/therapeutic uses of

Pranayama/breath control, specific/therapeutic applications of

Bandha, relation to asana and pranayama,


Vinyasa krama/ sequencing

Lesson planning/ session construction

Learning styles and group communication dynamics

Teaching methods, styles and skills

Observing and assisting in lessons, teaching practice


I use very little teaching materials and chose not to create a manual for the training, instead Trainee teachers are required to make their own Yoga manual over the course of the training and present it before qualification.

It very important, and I work with my teacher trainees to ensure, that they are not simply being spoon fed knowledge that they already have, instead together we agree upon areas where gaps in their understanding exist, and topics of specific interestfor each individual trainee to focus on. To integrate their learnings and allow for existing individual expertise and areas of special interest, a teaching manual is built up over the length of the training and an essay or project submitted. As well as working on their teaching skills, trainees have developed and presented areas of the course themselves to their fellow potential teachers undergoing training.


If you want to take part in this unique venture please contact me with any queies or for an application form:

Keith Grant


“My Yoga teacher training with Keith Grant fitted with my exact needs. Male teachers are underrepresented in the wider Yoga teacher U.K. network; working with Keith’s guidance has both supplied me with a rigorous grasp of teaching methods, and expanded my own personal practice ability. Keith’s status as one of the few Independent Yoga Network Elders qualifies for the best teacher training available.”

Jason Falconer

“After more than 10 years studying and practicing Yoga I have finally found a teacher whom I can sincerely recommend without reservation. Pure Yoga is delivered without compromise or personal agenda. Instruction is clear and the ability to subtly adjust content to suit the individual is truly exceptional.
Whether the student is seeking Teacher Training or to extend their personal development, I say look no further than Keith Grant of YogaCo. for whom I have nothing but  gratitude and admiration.”

Keith Broomfield


“I started Keith’s teacher training in Nov 2010 after having taken individual yoga lessons with him for seven years.  I thoroughly enjoyed Keith’s teaching style and his capability to answer any question I had. Keith is indeed extremely knowledgeable and is able to convey his knowledge in a very accessible way.  Keith allowed me to study at my own pace and was always available for any query I had.  I would strongly recommend Keith as a teacher trainer to anybody who is looking for an in-depth yoga teacher training.” "I particularly liked Keith's way of maintaining the oral tradition of teaching yoga by delivering information verbally, rather than simply giving hand-outs."

Sylvie Lambert-Crespin

"It is my pleasure to recommend the YogaCo. teacher training course. The course is very comprehensive covering the history, philosophy and psychology of the subject as well as the physical postures (asanas), breath control (pranayamas) and meditations usually covered by other courses.
What makes the YogaCo. training really stand out is the personal one to one approach that makes up the majority of the course. This allowed me to focus on my own weaknesses and for Keith, the trainer, to champion and hone those skills I had naturally.
I particularly enjoyed the exploration of sequencing, lesson planning, learning and teaching styles which are often missed on other courses.
When working with Keith you will have absolutely no concerns, you are working with a very experienced and  knowledgeable trainer.

Chris Shaw




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