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 Many people wouldn't know a good Yoga Teacher if they tripped over them in......................................................

















So don't even take my word for it; hear what others have to say here:






“Keith Grant worked for Havering College over a period of two years, delivering yoga sessions to community groups at a variety of locations. Keith was able to tailor his sessions to meet the needs of the particular clients – some with physical disabilities, some with mental illness. His approach was always gentle and encouraging, and he quickly developed a rapport with the clients, giving them the confidence they needed to develop their knowledge of yoga and it’s benefits.

Keith’s experience and professionalism were evident throughout his employment and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a yoga instructor.”


Liz Millington

Community Development Manager

Havering College



“Keith Grant is by far the most skilled and impressive Yoga teacher I have encountered. He has a very broad depth of knowledge and is a shining embodiment of all that is good about yoga. Keith knows when to push you, and how to get the most from you - you always get the sense that he wants you to share in something special. Add to that, he is very diligent, professional, kind and has a sense of playfulness and humour that flows through the sessions. I cannot recommend him highly enough as yoga teacher and human being.”  


Adam Eason









“Keith Grant was my first (and to date only) Yoga instructor and for a period of 2 years I very much enjoyed at least 2 sessions per week in various group sizes.
Always observant to the experience, age and physical attributes of each individual, I was greatly comforted by Keith's enthusiasm and level of knowledge.  This ensured that every member of the group worked to their own ability regardless of the skills of others.
Supportive and eagle-eyed at all times Keith ensured that posture and
ability were within boundaries so that although I could feel the areas that had been worked I never overstretched literally or figuratively and never injured in the entire time I attended Keith's sessions.  His calm, quiet and controlled manner were also a respite from the manic world and after each session I felt a great sense of achievement crowned with profoundly relaxed and refreshed mind.
I look forward to arranging my lifestyle to allow me to arrange future
sessions with Keith.”


Glen Campbell

Learning & Development Business Partner



 “I discovered yoga 6 years ago when I attended a class facilitated by Keith Grant on a whim. I immediately realised that I had stumbled on an incredibly talented and motivational teacher and was hooked. 

Keith delivers teaching in a relaxed and professional way, focusing on the needs of the individual. His experience and skill is instantly obvious as he adjusts instruction to suit/ challenge your ability and needs.

Keith has an enviable physical talent and moves gracefully through the postures in a seemingly effortless way, which is magic and inspirational. However, it is Keith’s enthusiasm for and knowledge of the subject, coupled with his warm and friendly rapport which makes him the perfect tutor. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Keith to any individual, group or organisation who is considering utilising his talents.”


 Chris Shaw BSc, ANLP



   “I have been attending yoga classes conducted by Keith Grant for over two years and I’ve found him to be an excellent teacher: he knows how to encourage all types of students, with his patient, modest and warm manner.

Keith is conscientious, hard working and always applies himself 100%. He has proved extremely popular with all of his students.With a vast amount of knowledge relating to the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, Keith has a knack of expressing complex ideas in a coherent way. While he is obviously extremely well read, I have observed him demonstrate many advanced postures with great modesty, skill and dexterity.

On a personal note Keith has been a great inspiration to me, guiding me through my first pregnancy with discreet care and attention. I wish him all the success he deserves – his future students are lucky indeed!”


Emma Bell

BA (Hons.) Distinction,




“I have been practising Yoga with Keith Grant roughly twice a week since I arrived in Keith's home one Friday morning with very limited experience, he made me feel very welcome & relaxed. 

I took up Yoga to bring together my mind body & soul (& so I could balance on my hands of course!). 

Keith's understanding of your goals are excellent & his instructing is controlled & flowing, his knowledge is second to none; he's very experienced in his own right.

I’ve had many injuries through my sporting career so I’m as tight as a bit of leather, so yoga is not easy for me, but Keith makes the classes fun even though I’ve got beads of sweat running off my nose. It’s very rewarding. Even my partner has taken up lessons with Keith. 

My relationship with Keith has grown & I already regard him as a friend, he's a good guy & a good teacher.”


 Justin Cox

Personal Trainer



 “During Keith’s time at The Club I found his obvious enthusiasm for the job meant that he quickly established himself as a popular member of our teaching staff. I would highly recommend Keith Grant as a Yoga Instructor. I wish him all the best for the future.”


Matt Turner

Health and Fitness Manager

The Club at Meyrick Park





“I am a previous student of Keith's teachings, and I can confirm he is an extremely professional, considerate, motivating, understanding and staggeringly knowledgeable teacher.  This is due to Yoga being a major part of his life.
I was only a student for several months however, in that time I became stronger, more flexible and a much calmer individual.  Keith’s practices also helped with my digestion, and general outlook on life.
I would strongly advise anyone I know to try at least one class, and they will soon discover that it will completely change their life.....forever.”


Sean O’Byrne

Client Integrations Manager

Deutsche Bank




  “Having been encouraged by my wife to attend yoga sessions with Keith Grant I duly went along. Coming from a running background I was interested in using yoga as a form of cross training and improving core stability.I was really pleased with the results that came with Keith’s sessions. I found my lung capacity increased, my posture in everyday life and whilst running also improved and felt strength around the abdomen and lower back.

"Keith’s sessions were certainly challenging requiring strength, flexibility and stamina leaving you with a sense of achievement. At the end of each session there was a feeling of being energised and having done a good work out.An element I wasn’t expecting was that yoga was a great method for reducing stress and built up tension and Keith’s sessions were a far cry from the stereotypical group sitting around meditating. Now that my work schedule has changed I’m looking forward to getting back into yoga and rebuild on aspects of my body and mind I’ve lost since.”  


Simon Davies


Up and Running,






“I attended Keith's Stress Management sessions during an extremely difficult time for me. Everything had gotten on top of me and I was having panic attacks and just burning myself out. Keith's techniques helped me manage my emotional stress and get back in control of my life.

Keith was very understanding and being able to talk to him at that time itself was a weight of off my shoulders.

Since that time, I have found that the techniques I learnt with Keith have also helped in other areas of my life. I am a lot calmer in general these days and have also found that certain visualisation techniques help me keep calm under pressure when competing at different sports.

Along with this testimonial I would just like to say thanks again for your help. You are also a very good friend.”


Tom Courtney




“Keith Grant worked for the Sports Development Unit for two years as a Yoga Instructor and has played a very important role in putting the Community first by providing an excellent service.

The Yoga classes offered specialist instruction to a wide range of ages and abilities and Keith welcomed anyone into the class. The participant numbers were consistent throughout the years, which in turn led to a high social benefit for the participants.

Keith built up good relationships with myself and the participants and there was only praise for his sessions.”


Yiota Charalambous

Community Sports Development Officer

London Borough of Barking & Dagenham









“I have been a student of Keith's for over 6 years.

I had tried other forms of yoga with other teachers before trying Keith's lesson. Since
then there has been changes in many aspects of my life both physically and mentally. I've become a much calmer person and have found that through the sessions I don't stress out about little things so much. This has helped me through the day-to-day problems that I face. I suffered a lot from back pains from when I was a student,( studying sculpture I had to lift a lot of clay) and had to wear a lumber support in my work but now I don't need to and my back pain has ceased. I've found that through yoga I have become stronger especially in my
abdominal region which has helped take the pressure off my back.
Other benefits that I have noticed are in my posture in the way I walk and stand. This is especially good as I'm on my feet all day in work. I get a lot of pleasure and a sense of well being from Keith's sessions and find that it goes beyond just a yoga lesson. I am grateful for his attention and support  in helping me improve overall.”


Ruriko (Kani) Davies.





“My daughter and l started yoga lessons with Keith Grant in August 2007. My daughter had been suffering with M.E. and l was rather unfit, since then we have both experienced significant benefits.

Keith's relaxed, friendly but firm approach has enabled us to develop a range of exercises that we can use at home.

From being a sceptical stroppy teenager my daughter has been won over and now approaches each session in a positive frame of mind.

It's hard to put a value on how much Keith has helped us both and l cannot recommend his services highly enough.”


Bridgette C.









“My Yoga experience began just over two years ago at a class with Keith. I usually hid at the back and avoided some of the positions making age and lack of strength my excuse!

Now I have a weekly private lesson so there’s no hiding away – I have to work really hard. Keith has been fantastic in challenging me and giving me the confidence to attempt things that I would have avoided before. I never thought that it was possible to become stronger and more flexible at the age I am. Most people are so busy telling you about the things that you won’t be able to achieve as the years creep on!

So – my advice is to take up Yoga. Enjoy it but take it seriously – it will change your life!

Thanks Keith – I am now growing younger by the week!”


Diana Nesbitt









"Keith Grant was my teacher throughout 2003.  He is truly an inspirational teacher and as a teacher myself my practice and my teaching improved immensly.  His passion for yoga shows through his teaching, his practice, and also in his personal life. His down to earth approach will appeal to the beginner student and his wealth of knowledge to anyone would like to deepen their practice. 

In my opinion Keith is one of the best teachers in the area and we are lucky to have him here in Dorset!!"

Kim Jones

Yoga Teacher






“I attended yoga classes for a period of 10 weeks and really enjoyed the one-on-one sessions.  I had not previously done any kind of yoga and was a total beginner.  I started because I wanted to become more flexible and toned and also thought it was a more healthy form of exercise than any other I had participated in before (football, tennis) and didn't fancy a group class.

The sessions were hard work but very enjoyable and you only get out what you put in.  If you don't practise in your own time you don't advance as quickly and Keith can spot this a mile off!! He has a friendly approach and also encourages you to constantly try harder and improve. 

My classes were broken into easy to complete small stages which were then put together into a longer routine at the end of the class culminating in a complete yoga movement. I found this easy to follow and to remember for practising at home.  The class would end with some meditation which was another aspect I had joined for in the first place.”


James Roberts  



“I have been one of Keith's students for just over 4 years. In that time I have become proficient in a large number of postures and now utilise what I have learnt from Keith throughout my daily life. I originally tried yoga to deal with general posture and backache problems as well as the everyday stresses we all contend with.  
I had tried a number of other yoga teachers before Keith was recommended to me and whilst I had found the yoga to be useful, the classes always seemed to be either too advanced or too strenuous or the teachers too pushy. Keith's style is perfect for me, he takes time to demonstrate fully and explain both the postures and the background to them (a real Yogi!). Without doubt he is the most proficient, patient and knowledgeable of all the yoga teachers I have visited locally - so much so I have no hesitation in recommending him (which I frequently do) to my friends and colleagues. Oh and my posture is now much better and I'm now the epitome of calm!”


Shane O’Byrne

Marketing Accounts Manager








“Keith Grant is a joyful and dedicated yoga teacher who has worked with us leading week-long yoga courses in Turkey on more than one occasion.
As a former dancer and martial artist he has a very strong practice himself and enjoys leading people towards finding and developing their own personal practice.

Working out what kind of practice is the best for each individual is something that is often neglected in yoga teaching as clases are pushed through a more or less fixed series of postures. This was Keith’s special interest when he worked with us.
Students value his good humour at the same time as his precise and challenging yoga teaching. Alongside his strong practice Keith is a friendly and sociable yoga teacher who is keen that the practice opens the practitioner to the joy of living.”


Michael Cullingworth
Health and Yoga Holidays in Turkey




“Thank you so much for taking the time to plan and deliver your evening. I loved it! And if there were to be anything else about 'loved it' that would be: 

Your passion for the subject TOTALLY came across. You inspired me. It's that convincer factor thing. Along the lines of 'if Keith thinks this stuff is good, then it must be!' 

Your knowledge is evident and admirable. I aspire to project my voice the way you do. 

The structure of the session worked really well. A lovely balance of teacher led stuff, group participation and feedback.  So basically, I would like to thank you for doing what you do, and the way that you do it. 

I'm looking forward to the next time!” 


Jo Dance






“Hi Keith,

Glad you enjoyed last Saturday, so did all our members.  I have had such great feedback from everyone:  they want to know when you are coming back!  Maybe we can arrange for you to come back at a later date. Thanks again.” 


Jan Holttum

Southampton Yoga Association





"Thank you for today. 
I find you inspirational and you made a massive difference to the whole experience for me. 
Your humour and knowledge and fun will stay with me forever.”



Jon Thompson




“I began practicing yoga with Keith as part of a life style change designed to manage back problems and bouts of extreme anxiety, I have found my practice very beneficial for both. Physically, I feel fitter and more healthy. Emotionally, I feel more balanced and I have tools now to manage anxiety when it begins. And finally, spiritually, I feel more connected with my inner self and more aware of the world around me. Yoga is fab!”


Matt Alexander





"Though I have received only one private lesson from Keith Grant, this is no reflection on his sensitive teaching style, but rather due to the distance that separates us.  His influence is still useful to me in my own practice."



Elizabeth Longland




"I came to Keith with several years established yoga practice looking for a teacher who could help me fine -tune my asana work. The one- to- one basis of my lessons means that Keith can intuitively adapt teaching to provide challenging sessions which help me to greatly develop my own personal practice."



Jason Falconer

Bike it Officer





"As a yoga practitioner for many years I had become very aware that something was missing from my self administered regular practice and I was definately searching for guidance to develop and dare i say remedy this.  I began with Keith this year  and from my first visit I discovered a deeper way of approaching yoga.  It's wonderful for me to have honest observation to bring my habits to my conscious awareness to move more freely and fluidly.  I always come away with a revelation which has refreshed my relationship with my practice"




Leza Dickson





“I had private 1 to 1 yoga lessons with Keith at the end of 2008 after years of stiffness & lower back pain & having tried group yoga sessions at other locations in the Bournemouth area.

I found Keith's attentive approach & easy manner most beneficial. The methods he instilled in me I still use to this day in my own yoga & stretching routine. I would recommend Keith to anyone interested in self improvement of any kind.” 

  Tony Ryan.






“My first yoga experience was Hatha at a local leisure centre in London. I was hooked from the word go. When we decided to move, one of my main concerns was being able to find a good yoga teacher so that I could carry on with improving my practice. I needn’t have worried. Fortune was smiling at me when I signed up with a fitness club near our new home. Who should be teaching yoga there but Keith Grant.  

I spent 3 years learning with Keith. His teaching techniques were innovative. He had an inane intuition to see when someone was not able to manage the full posture and offered adapted alternatives to suit the individuals. He explained the philosophy behind yoga which most yoga teachers would not do. This I feel is an intergral part of the practice, realising the purpose was to focus the mind and clear it off the daily maelstrom of thoughts thus achieving relaxation.
No two classes were the same, keeping students interested and keen to attend the next class. Keith also involved students by giving them the choice of what style of class they wanted on particular days. His one day workshops were  always well attended and invigorating for the body and soul. I would recommend Keith to anyone from novice level, to improvers and more advanced levels.”



May Haines




I have taken weekly yoga classes with Keith for the last two years and I have loved every single one of them.  From the start Keith made me feel very comfortable and eased me into yoga.  He made me understand the importance of patience and self-tolerance in yoga.  I realised after a while that his way of teaching yoga was influencing my way of thinking and leading my life so I developed into a more positive and determined person.  I have made enormous progress all due to my efforts and Keith’s gentle but efficient approach of teaching.  Keith has a deep knowledge of yoga and knows how to challenge you safely; he has always adapted his session to my needs.  I would recommend Keith to anyone from beginner to more advanced person.” 



Sylvie Lambert-Crespin



 “I have attended one-to-one, weekly classes with Keith in his home studio.  I originally went along to find new inspiration to bring into my yoga classes.  Not only have I found the classes to be inspiring - Keith has motivated me to tackle more strenuous postures, and therefore reflect this motivation into my classes.  Through his teaching practises I have strengthened myself physically and mentally.  Keith has a clear and direct approach to teaching, which portrays a confidence and understanding into the class.  I cannot recommend Keith highly enough as a yoga teacher and mentor.”


 Ali McKenzie

Yoga Teacher




“Shortly after a bereavement, and whilst off work on sick leave, I attended yoga sessions with Keith. I found Keith to be very understanding and very professional with a great depth of knowledge in what he taught me. I have done Yoga previously but have never had a one to one session and found Keith's teaching to be extremely helpful to me.  He is very calm and intuitive and has the ability to teach what he knows in a way that is easy to learn.
I found these sessions beneficial at this time in my life, and my practice from this gave me a calming influence in my life and an extra piece of inner strength. The tips he gave me for my everyday practice have also made total sense, are easy to continue with, and beneficial to my long-term health and wellbeing. 
In a sentence, a highly skilled and inspirational Yoga teacher, who lives and breathes what he believes in.”



Alison Ramsey

OT Student

NLP Practitioner



 “I can only say that when I started yoga I had a serious problem with the lower part of my back, inflammation and it was very painful at times. To begin with it was very challenging but thanks to the way Keith taught us we were looking forward to our Wednesday morning lesson. My back improved dramatically and I only have Keith to thank. I think that Keith is an innovative and passionate teacher who is capable to take you over your limits and boundaries; sometimes in life you need a challenge - with Keith you certainly have it and I have no problem in recommending him to any future clients.”


Nicola de Paola





“I have known Keith for a number of years and have one to one yoga sessions currently once a month finding him informative, always enthusiastic and professional. Humour and a refreshing honesty are attributes I enjoy in a teacher and I consider him to be at the top of his profession with vast knowledge but still managing to come across as unassuming.”


Karen Stone

Yoga Teacher


"I really appreciate Keith’s professionalism and his experience in Yoga. It was very easy to communicate and work with him during the International dance festival project in Russia.
I would recommend Keith Grant as one of the best people to work with."

Dinara Shaymukhametova

Director, Art Project Format A1


“I’ve really been enjoying Yoga with you so far, and from doing it a bit each morning it's helped me feel a lot more awake during the day. I don't think I'll ever quite be mega flexible but can feel myself improving gradually. 


Tim Galling






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