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The Dynamics of Yoga:
Ongoing development of attendees physical and mental health through intelligently sequenced Yoga sessions. We will work evenly on strength, flexibility, balance and stamina and lessons can be geared to whatever levels the organisation feels appropriate.



Yoga for Dance (Contemporary Release):

Blending Yogic attitudes of focus,  attention to alignment, internal support, flowing between postures and breath related movement with contemporary release work and it’s approach to falling and using the body’s natural curves to create movement and protect the oneself from injury.

Lots of use of the floor, a little contact with others.



Eurocrash/Diving, Flying, Catching:

A powerful highly dynamic movement style with a hint of danger.

Lots of contact, lifting, catching, carrying and throwing of others and use of the floor, both with impact.

I’d really like to lead this only after having taught some of the others for a period of time as it would be ideal to have attendees funnelled towards these sessions with some skills already developed if possible.



Aikido for Dance (Contact Improvisation):

Warm ups and basic movements, rolling and lifting skills of the Japanese martial art leading into contact improvisation which itself includes Aikido principles at it’s core.

Lots of contact with others and use of the floor, some acrobatic and acro-balancing manoeuvres.



Yoga for Dance (Contact Improvisation):

Exploring how Yogic attitudes of focus, attention to alignment, internal support, flowing between postures and breath related movement can support us as we make contact with others and improvise around the vocabulary learned.

Lots of contact with others, use of the floor, some acro-Yoga.



Dance to Ska:

Dance to music from the three waves of Ska; Original Jamaican of the 60’s, 2Tone Ska of the 80’s, and Ska punk of the 90’s.

A very easy to learn, infectiously rhythmical, highly energetic social dance that has links to so many current social dance moves and will help you all on your next gig / night out.



Release technique, contact improvisation, flying and catching:

Explore your body’s structural integrity & innate dance ability through natural organic movement styles influenced by T’ai Ch’i, Ch’i Kung, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais method, Yoga & Aikido. Take this safely to the floor and into partner-work with increased dynamism to lifting, carrying, flying and catching.

A great full-body work-out without learning dance technique. Lots of fun, and excitement. For all, whether dance trained or otherwise.



Sacred/Spiritual Dance:

Drawing upon varied influences including; Yoga, T’ai Ch’I, Ch’I Kung, Sufi Dervish Whirling, and the Dynamic meditations of Osho these sessions will explore the age old links between the body and mind, the senses and the spirit, movement and meditation.



Intermediate/Advanced Yoga:
An exploration towards a more intuitive and free-form approach to sequencing, this approach will deepen one’s experience of Yoga movement.
Using variations and adaptations this session will encourage students to develop their practice in terms of complexity and intensity.


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