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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides skills for personal development and self improvement in the areas of Lifestyle choices, Relationships, Career, Business and Sporting excellence

NLP provides us with the equivalent of a user`s manual for our brain, with techniques which demonstrate how we "code" our experience, which programs we are running and how to reprogram our own brain. When we understand the specific ways that our brains make distinctions, then it is easier to make changes, to learn and to communicate effectively.

Coaching is a process by which I, the coach work in relationship with you, the client in ways that makes it easier for you to learn.

Life Coaching 

NLP attitudes and techniques can:

- Aid your personal development

- Provide you with freedom from old habits, fears and limiting beliefs

- Give you new and empowering ways of being in the world

- Offer more choices in the way you communicate, how you respond and how you feel
- Create more options so you can make better decisions

Relationship Coaching 

The application of NLP can be used to:

- Improve the communication flow between couples

- Create deeper understanding

- Help you to express what you really feel

- Become more aware of what your partner is saying

- Create more appropriate responses to situations

Career Coaching 

NLP provides necessary skills for:

- Helping you perform a skill or solve a problem better than you would otherwise have been able to

- Bringing about improvements at work; especially where a change in performance is required

- Developing strong interpersonal skills and flexibility

- Building your abilities in the areas of negotiation, business management and conflict resolution

Business Coaching

Will help you:

- Build on your successes

- Work on the details that will sharpen up your skills, and improve your techniques

- Plan tactics ahead of important events

- Stay at the top in a very competitive world

Sports Coaching

Knowledge of NLP helps sportsmen and women:

- Excel to new levels of personal excellence

- Establish clear, achievable goals

- Create focus and motivation

Modelling programmes can also be created to see what does and doesn’t get the results you desire so that you become of aware of what consistently produces success. 


As a qualified Stress Management trainer/consultant I also offer:

Stress Management

A blend of psychological techniques to positively affect thinking and behaviour alongside coping skills including relaxation and breathing methods to reduce physical tension and promote peace of mind.

Other areas in which my clients have been succesful are:

Smoking cessation, Weight loss, Exam preparation.



To book an initial session, or for further information please contact me, Keith Grant:

by e-mail - or call 01202513014 / 07946248930



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