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Private individualised tuition is the true authentic, and original approach to the instruction of the Yoga method, tailoring the practice to the needs and wants of the individual client/student in consultation with the teacher. Developing a personalised and progressive approach to the practice within which the individual can develop in their desired direction/areas respecting their own limitations and at their own pace.

For the past few years I have been teaching only private lessons to one client at a time. 

After almost a decade of teaching in hired halls and nearly every health club chain in the country I saw that group lessons, no matter how stimulating and inspiring, were ultimately unproductive for the student, and less than satisfying for the teacher.

With this experience I returned to the tried and tested traditional method of individual instruction which had been the main teaching system throughout Yoga's long history prior to it reaching the western world in the 20th Century.

Lessons last around 1½ hours and cost £30.

Now I am aware that for some people, the cost of private tuition can seem expensive, what you get for that fee though, is personalised instruction from a qualified, experienced professional instructor, in a pleasant environment, with times and frequency arranged to suit us both.

My regular students - and most who try a lesson become regulars -attest to the fact that their Yoga practice has developed so much faster and deeper due to the individual attention.

Lessons take the form of one-to-one sessions where we work together with respect for the needs of the individual, their abilities and their limitations. We explore the postures, breathing techniques, sequencing, concentration and meditation aspects of the Yoga practice as well introducing students to the basic concepts of Yogic psychology and philosophy.


In the world of therapy and coaching most people know that the techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) are fast and effective, yet it is impossible to say how many sessions will be required for any given individual, or for any specific issue.

Coaching is either for individuals, couples or small groups depending upon the context and takes 30 minutes to one hour, per session and costs £30. 

To book an initial session, or for further information please contact me, Keith Grant:

by e-mail - 

or call 01202513014 / 07946248930




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